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Nissan Frontier keys are very easy to make. If you have a Nissan Frontier and have lost your only key and need a replacement, Mile High Locksmith is the locksmith company you want to call. Mile High Lock and Key is a locally owned business in Denver, Colorado. Not only can we help you with your lost key and making a replacement using a VIN number or key code, but we can provide you with many other types of locksmith services as well. Our locksmith technicians are experts when it comes to Nissan Frontier’s and all the problems that are common with them such as the key getting stuck in the ignition and if, or when your key breaks. Luckily we know how to fix these problems as well! Along with fixing broken keys, getting keys out of ignitions, and making replacement keys, we can program new Nissan Frontier keys as well as keyless entry remotes.

Nissan Frontier key Replacement

In a case that you have lost your truck key, how to get a replacement key for your Nissan Frontier truck and how much it will cost will all depend on the year of your truck. If your Nissan Frontier was made in the years 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 or 2006, then you just have a regular metal key, or what we like to call an old fashioned key. These keys are very easy to make and there are two places you can have these keys made in case you have lost the only key you had. The first place will be at a Nissan dealership. With the proof of ownership such as your drivers license and the truck title or truck registration, you can stop by the neighborhood dealership and ask them to make you a new key by the truck’s VIN number.
The second way, which is the more convenient and quicker way to get a replacement key for your Nissan Frontier, in case you do not have a spare key, is through an automotive locksmith. The locksmith will be able to come right to your truck’s location and make you a new working key either by your truck’s VIN number or by disassembling the truck door lock, or the tailgate lock.
If you Nissan Frontier was made in the years 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, or 2011, then there is a chance that your truck requires a transponder chip key which will need to be cut and programmed to your truck’s immobilizer. In this case to make a new key will be easier to do by having a locksmith come to you. The locksmith will bring the key cutting machine and the key programming machine to make you a working key at your truck’s location. The dealership will ask you to bring the truck in.

Nissan Frontier key stuck in ignition
Unfortunately, many cars share the same common problem. If and when your key gets stuck in the ignition, our one piece of advice to you is to stop trying to turn the key. You are only making the problem worse and maybe even more costly. Many people think the problem is with the ignition. This isn’t always the case, so we first suggest you get a new key made either by a locksmith or by a Nissan dealership. Do not just try and copy your key. It will not help. You will need to ask the locksmith or dealership to make you a new key by the truck’s VIN number.The second problem could be one of the parts inside the ignition is stuck and you need an automotive locksmith to come and rekey the ignition cylinder.

Spare key for Nissan Frontier
If your Nissan Frontier was made in the year 2006 or before, you can make a spare key at many  locksmith store. We recommend that you try Transponder Phlippines If your Nissan Frontier was made in the year 2007 or after, making a duplicate key will be more difficult to do since most likely your key will need to be cut and programmed to your truck. We recommend that you shop around for prices at different locksmith companies or at Nissan dealerships.

Nissan Frontier key fob
Any year of a Nissan Frontier truck can have a keyless entry remote. The keyless entry remote is separate from your truck key and will have push buttons to lock and unlock the doors. You can buy these remotes online or at a locksmith store or at a Nissan dealership. Most of the remotes will come with instructions on how to program it yourself and should only take a few minutes to do.

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