Mazda Transponder Keys

Have you lost your Mazda car key?

Transponder Phippines ®, many of our local technicians are trained to repair and replace all types of Key Programming, Safe Vault Repair and Glass Doors including sliding glass doors. Our technicians, operating out of over 16 City s in the Metro Manila, Cavite and Rizal Province aravailable to help you today. Schedule an appointment online or call 09380991375 . Call us now!

With a fleet of vehicles equipped with the latest key cutting and programming technology, an expert Transponder Key Philippines technician can cut and/or programme a new or existing Mazda key wherever your emergency takes place, whether that’s at home, at the roadside, or anywhere else.
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Mazda Key immobiliser

If you have lost your Mazda key and are looking for a replacement or if it is damaged and you need it repaired our specially trained auto locksmiths are available either by appointment or on emergency call out to get you back on the road. The full list of services we provide for Mazda are as follows:

  • Key Casing Replacement
  • Key Cutting
  • Battery Replacement
  • Supply of Transponder Keys
  • Remote Repairs
  • Supply of Remote Keys
  • Services to all keys lost
  • ECU coding and Decoding
  • Diagnostic Testing

What is a Transponder Key?

When a car key is turned in the ignition, the engine control unit (ECU) in the car sends an electronic message through to the key. Provided the ECU receives the correct message back, it will allow the car to start. Even for a seemingly simple car key without any buttons, the key must be cut correctly to turn in the ignition and also be programmed correctly to disarm the immobiliser.

mazda 2 3 tribute skydtive transponder key duplication services immobiliser

Mazda Immobiliser Programming Duplication

transponder key immobiliser transponder

We can code keys to your vehicle! Depending on the setup of your vehicle you’ll need to send us your cars dashboard, immobiliser box, BSI or engine ECU. We will then send you back two keys that are cut and ready to start the car.

To find out what immobiliser units we cover please choose the manufacturer of you car below.

Please choose your Mazda part from the below options. If you are unsure which is the correct part for your Mazda, or the part fitted to your vehicle is not listed, then please use the contact form on the ‘Contact Us’ page of our website and we will inform you of the correct price for your unit.

NOTE: The products listed here are for a key coding service. You will need to send us your immobiliser unit and we will send you back programmed keys for your car / van.

Frequently Asked Questions

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 I locked my car keys in my car. Can you unlock it 

 My car key case is broken. Can you help 

 My dashboard clocks are faulty, Can you repair it 

 The buttons on my car key no longer work. Can you help 

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