About Us

Transponder Key Philippines 

In today’s world of cluttered internet listings and many names in the yellow pages, Who do you pick? Some people have fake addresses and fancy websites to lure you in.

It’s important to know that today’s locksmiths go well beyond Locks and Keys!

Transponder Key Philippines is locksmiths in Metro Manila, Cavite & Laguna are fully trained and are required to remain abreast of the latest industry developments as well as the use of the most effective and technologically advanced tools.

We offer skilled Locksmith armed with high caliber solutions that will arrive in fully outfitted Motorcycle * with state of the art equipment and gadgets to ensure all your Locksmith needs are met!

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Our Mission

To be the best automotive and Residential locksmith and car door unlocking Company in Metro Manila and nearby Province

Unlike other locksmiths that “specialize” in what seems to be ALL aspects of locksmithing, we have chosen to actually Specialize in one field: Automotive Locksmithing. We pride ourselves in being the best at what we do. We have access to the latest state of the art technology, equipment, and computer programming available allowing us to be at the Forefront of the industry.

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