Broken Key Extraction

Professional Key Extraction Services

If your key is stuck in your car door lock or house lock, our key extraction experts can come and resolve all your key extraction service needs ASAP!

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Professional Jammed Key Removals

Our technicians are available to help you out with all your jammed key extraction needs. We are a mobile locksmith service, which means that we can come directly to your location when you need us quickly. We work with all residential door locks, office locks and car locks. Our locksmith technicians extract jammed keys from all types of locks.

broken key extraction services 24 7We can assist you with all the following services:

  • House key stuck in lock
  • Jammed ignition key removal
  • Stuck car key in car door locks
  • Key extractions from office locks
  • Key removal from frozen locks
  • Key extraction from rusty locks
  • Motorcycle key extraction

You should never attempt to extract jammed keys on your own, as doing so can often lead to the key snapping in two. Once a key snaps in two, it will need to be replaced by a locksmith, costing you additional money. Calling our expert locksmith service to extract your jammed key from the get-go will ensure that your keys and locks are handled with care at all times and that no unnecessary damage will be done to them.

Door Lock Key Extraction

Our emergency locksmiths can come to you and extract your jammed key whenever you need. The door locks on your home are the base layer of protection between you and the home intruders in your neighborhood. Since front door locks are used on a daily basis, over time, they can become worn and out of shape. Dust and rust can gather inside the inner chamber of your door lock, creating serious issues with your lock from within. The buildup of dust and other things can cause your key to get stuck or jammed inside your lock. If your key gets stuck inside your house lock or office lock, you should definitely call upon our locksmith professionals as soon as possible. We strongly discourage trying to extract the key on your own, as this can potentially cause worse problems for you, like having your key snap in two or ruining your door lock permanently.

Car Key Extraction

Should your car key get stuck inside your car lock, you’ll want to call upon our key removal experts promptly. Our mobile car locksmith technicians can come directly to you and remove your car key from your car door lock or ignition on-the-spot. We work with all car types, from high-end luxury vehicles, to beat up old jalopies. Car keys can get stuck in all types of cars, which is why we have specialty key extraction instruments that help us remove keys and key bits from all types of car locks. We’ll be sure to remove your key with care so that there is no lasting damage done to your vehicle locks, and keys.

New Key Cutting After Extraction

Keys are actually more delicate than many people think. Unfortunately, in the process of trying to remove jammed keys from locks, many times the key cracks in two, leaving a piece of the key still embedded inside the lock. Often times, it is only after the key breaks, that we are called upon to extract the key. Thankfully, our experienced locksmith technicians can extract the key bit without much ado. If this happened to you, after the broken key is extracted by our locksmith, our technician will be able to help make you a brand new key for your lock.

Lock Repairs after Key Extractions

Once the key is removed successfully from your lock, you will want to have your lock looked at in order to figure out what exactly caused the key to get jammed in the lock to being with. Working out what caused your key to get stuck in the first place is crucial, as it is the first step that our experts will need to take in repairing or replacing your lock so that you never have to call upon our key extraction services again.

To have your jammed key extracted from a lock today, contact our locksmith team today!


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